The Beast Within

Penetrating through the night
searching for some ass to kick
Ready to pick up some fight
It's bloody week
Feel like beast - the nature calls
Liquid fire in my veins
'Cause my anger always grows
It's time for pain

Now I'm coming be prepared
Raise your hand and clench your fist
You can see what I've become
I am the beast
Is it right or is it wrong
I will leave my judge to you
But I know that I am strong
You may be too

But here I am upon the stage
Spreading out my crushing rage
Boiling sweat flows from the scene
Let us lost in common ride
Until great spirit will die
Demand nothing, we wan't all

Take a few small steps ahead
There's a lot of fire to spread
Time for you to understand
Power grows with each your scream
Let's unite make your dream real
Be what you wanna be